Arduino Lego Robot – Update 2

Eyes and Brainz In the past few days I’ve been busy installing the brain of my Arduino Lego robot, namely the Raspberry Pi, and making a mount for the Raspberry Camera to allow it to pan and tilt. If you haven’t read the first entry of my robot blog, you can do so here. The Raspberry […]

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Arduino Lego Robot – Update 1

I’ve been building  an Arduino powered Lego tracked robot on and off for the past half year, and have finally come to the point where there’s something to show. I didn’t take long to realize that I had to become proficient in programming and not just patch together other people’s code from the web, so

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Arduino & Lego PF Motors

Working through the book Arduino Workshop by John Boxall I’ve finally come to the chapter describing how to build an Arduino Tank Robot. However, instead of buying a premade robot chassis I decided to make it out of Lego Technic instead, something I played a lot with as a child. This presented me with some interesting

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