I’m an ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter at HackerOne. When I’m not hunting bugs I spend my time studying, programming, or playing Capture-The-Flags (CTFs) like HackTheBox. I hack under the pseudonym ‘Al-Madjus’, an Arabic name that means, among other things, ‘Viking’, but is also a very loose translation of my real name.  
This blog will mainly be about hacking, but I occasionally also write about some of my other hobbies. 

Those other hobbies include model ship building, flying, hiking, reading, Lego, electronics (Arduino and Raspberry Pi), Linux, gaming, lock picking and whatever else catches my interest. 

My career is in aviation, I hold a professional airline pilot’s license (ATPL) and have worked several years as a flight instructor. These days I don’t fly much however, but work an office job in the local airport which leaves me with plenty of free time to pursue my interests in hacking. 

I grew up in Denmark but moved to southern Spain more than 10 years ago. 

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